i want to give you my undeveloped smiles

Crush Poem No. 3
Beau Sia

bjork hugs the length
of my spine
and i am daydreaming brunch
w/ you.

the silly combination of mimosas
and confessions.

i want to give you
my undeveloped smiles.

i’m having
a hard time focusing.

your touch is a memory
my imagination has made
ever present.

i’m trying to impress you
with words
when i should let go
of guarded statement
just listen.

let your glance
move me how it will.

let my hips react
to your statements
i am home alone,
pretending to talk to you
in the mirror.

at this point i see a painting.

fill it with what you want,
i have trusted you since
we sang our first song together.

are you swooning yet?

like i do when i’m told
you might be there.

my feet are so used to
almost losing their balance
because of you.

i don’t know anything
about love.

help me.


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