a small voice in a world of animal sounds and divine silence

For her, the Evening
Ashley Aquino

Adam, first man,
liked to stare at the
stars at night.

liked to look
at those little lights,

and wonder
why they outnumber
the flowers in Paradise.

he knows
those are for the bees
but he speculates
on the dots in the sky.

he asks himself,
whose are these?

God heard.
God answered.
and she was born.


for whom Adam would weep.
for whom Adam would Fall
to his knees.

for whom, after the first
he would take the bright night

and call it Evening.

East of Eden
Ashley Aquino

Why do you stand there weeping?
I tell you: close the gates!
It is not for you to question.

But since you will not listen, look:

Even as they walk away, they are also
returning to me: a man and a woman
promising to love each other until they die.

Promising—the persistence of the will
in the face of doubt, a small voice in a world
of animal sounds and divine silence.

Watch: her lips so hardened,
molded around the red taste of the first No
are already beginning to soften.

And as for him with the piece of fruit stuck
in his throat, he is learning to speak
for himself again.

See: these creatures who will to love
beyond what they can know, who bear
their imperfections and turn away
but also turn back—
How could I not love them?


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