physics, heart

Listening to this song = Unearthing so many artifacts of that time with you.

distance is speed
multiplied by time

but science has never considered
always forgets to consider

other things,

like the long pauses between
conversations, the countless coffee cups and turns
toward your street, the countable
stars, the haze of the world moving
ever so slowly around a tender embrace, the sighing–

that closed the distance between two people, once,
long ago.

then came the electricity
the black-outs, the unpredictable
tempests of those days that promised sunshine,
the broken matter on the floor,
the lack of touch,

the lack of touch?
when, in haste, we attempted to fill in
the emerging spaces, when time slowed down,
when distance became
what it really was.

despite its meticulous mathematical equations, science fails
to consider the physics
of the fluctuating heart.


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