a subatomic hole was created, forever


the empathy of molecules

since we all come from the same explosion
since one big bang brought us here

we must all share something
even at a subatomic level

a universal atom or molecule
that unites the stars and the chimps and the sea and us

so imagine

when you see an orange sunset
it means that at some subatomic level
we are all glowing orange

a thunderstorm in august equals
a mass molecular maelstrom

and once the clouds have cleared
our atoms turn red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet

everyone’s shared molecule
when flint wept for old flo, never leaving the site of her death until his own

when the dodo bird reached extinction
a subatomic hole was created, forever

the sky knew
when john lennon died

that’s why it rains
whenever we’re sad
whenever we’re sad
it rains

thus empathy is not only a word
but a theory


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